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~ 650 employees,
> 350 customers,
16 locations worldwide


Development in many dimensions

1999 – ConVista Incorporated

The inspiratin behind the ConVista start-up was, and still today, to combine technical consulting and business expertise and to help. Our customers achieve their investment goals by improving their business processes and IT. Based on SAP technology our consulting services were initially geared towars the insurance industry. The company  started out with eight employees working in the new ConVista office in Cologne.

2000 – Zurich Subsidiary Established

ConVista opens its first subsidiary in 2000. In Switzerland a joint stock company was founded to meet the increasing need for expertise in the region. The business model was based on the parent company concept in German i.e. partnership management. At this time, 24 employees were working for ConVista worldwide.

2001 – SAP Internationalized Industry Solutions

By SAP commercializing their industry solution worldwide, demand for industry experts increased, especially in the USA. To meet this increase demand, ConVista Consulting established a US subsidiary in 2001.The close collaboration between ConVista and SAP resulted in the completion of seveal successful projects. 31 employees were working for ConVista worldwide at this point.

2002 – Transformation from a limited liability company to a joint stock company (AG) New Subsidiary in Great Britain

Strong growth and the need to attract the best consultants in the market were just two of the reasons for transforming the German parent company into a joint stock company in 2002. This change enabled a number of employees to buy shares in ConVista. A major project in Scotland encouraged ConVista to establish a subsidiary in the UK. It highlighted that even very specific processes common in the British insurance market, could be mapped into SAP thanks to our Consultants expertise. By 2002 the company employed 38 employees worldwide.

2004 – Turnover hits 10 million Euro

After an economically difficult year for the markets, the demand for consulting services increased substantilly. The more mature and developed SAP for Insurance product ranges supported this trend. The group’s turnover breaks the 10-million euro mark. 50 employees are now working for ConVista in Germany and abroad.

2005 – New Subsidiary in South Africa

Whilst the global economy is focusing on Asia, ConVista establishes an office in South Africa. The political changes in this region opened the door to a larger market of financial Services and there was an increase in demand for competent consulting companies. The number of employees increased to 63 worldwide.

2006 – Co-operation Agreement with Faktor Zehn

ConVista and Faktor Zehn sign a co-operation agreement for product lifecycle management. The combination of technical and technological expertise in the SAP environment is the right response to the growing interest in policy management system. The company continues to grow and the number of employees worldwide now exceeds 80.

2007 – Great Place to Work, Certifications and more Office Space

For the first time, ConVista participates in the nationwide competition "Great Place to Work" and ends up in the top 10 in the category of companies with 50 to 500 employees. In the same year the first ConVista software product named CC ConsPrep gets certified by SAP. Due to the continued growth, the Cologne office moves to the Rheinauhafen. ConVista employs 117 employees worldwide.

2008 – Expanding Service Offerings and a new Trainee Program

ConVista started to focus on the utilities sector and won a new customer - E.on. Eight young people from different nations were trained in multiple SAP modules in ConVista subsidiaries around the world for six months. The number of employees grew to 167 worldwide.

2009 – ConVista in Spain and Austria

ConVista merges with the consulting company Fact S.L. Spain. The company was and still is the market leader in terms of the SAP solutions TRM and FAM on the Iberian Peninsula. By combining their SAP competences a synergy effect is created. In the same year, an Austrian subsidiary is opened to demonstrate local presence and support the Eastern European business. More than 230 employees are now working for ConVista worldwide.

2010 – Expansion to the East Coast of the USA, Russia and Serbia

ConVista opens an office in New York on the back of increased demand in process automation in that region. Two new subsidiaries in Moscow and Belgrade are established to help achieve the expansion of our customer base in Central and Eastern Europe. As part of the internationalization strategy by merging with Creative 4U in Hungary. Almost 300 employees are now working for ConVista worldwide.

2011 – Merger plans and a new Subsidiary in Italy

In 2011, ConVista and the IT-service provider Faktor Zehn AG from Munich started planning their merger with ConVista Consulting AG. ConVista also established a 100% owned subsidiary in Milan. A total of nearly 400 employees are now working for ConVista worldwide.

2012 – Additional support in the Java and non-SAP Topics and a new Subsidiary in Brazil

Thanks to Faktor Zehn's expertise in Java-based and non-SAP software, ConVista expands its service offering for the insurance industry to include product and inventory management, mobility, sales and service systems. Towards the end of the year, ConVista established a new subsidiary in São Paulo, Brazil. Following the merger and additional recruitment, there are now 526 people working for ConVista worldwide.

2013 – New Service Offering, Successful Partnerships and a new Subsidiary in Tel Aviv, Israel

This year, ConVista expands ist services by adding “Portals and Collaborations” thereby combining SAP and MS SharePoint competences. A few months later, ConVista becomes a Microsoft Gold Partner in this area. Thanks to the large number of successful projects, ConVista reaches the SAP Gold Partner status within the Value Added Reseller (VAR) category. Believing Israel to be the next opportunity for us, ConVista established a subsidiary in Tel Aviv, Israel. The number of employees climbs to 570.

2014 - New Company Structure, 15 year Anniversary and a new Subsidiary in Singapore

In October, ConVista celebrated its 15th anniversary and decides, in the same year, to open a subsidiary in Singapore as a result of a strong partnership with SAP Asia.
In order to support the increasing internationalization of the Group's strategy and the diversification of ist customer base, the ConVista Group adjusts its organizational structure. The new structure is based on ConVista's core consulting areas. The German  parent company hands over the leadership role for the Group to an international executive team, which now sits at the helm of the organization.

2015 – Several Awards, Foundation of ConVista-daycare center in Cologne and Inauguration of Subsidiary in Berlin

Already for the eighth time in a row ConVista is awarded as a Great Place to Work®. At the same time ConVista is ranked first among the best employers in NRW. Above that, the business magazine “brand eins” lists ConVista as one of Germany’s 278 best consultancies for the second time. In parallel, Faktor Zehn receives IT-awards in the categories open source and industry software.

In May the company-internal children’s group in the Cologne subsidiary goes into operation which makes it possible for new parents to get back to work quickly. In addition, the Berlin subsidiary in the center of the city opens its doors at the end of the year. Thus, ConVista is now represented at five locations in Germany.