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The trend towards a decentralized
power generation requires secure and
standardized communication between
market participants.

Smart Metering and Measurement

Smart metering systems for processes, system architecture, and implementation

A number of social, political, economic, legal, and regulatory requirements have led to the introduction of smart energy solutions worldwide. Smart metering plays a key role. Requirements range from implementing an efficient feed-in management system to optimizing end-to-end processes, and (e.g. meter-to-cash) continuous monitoring of processes across system architecture. Against the backdrop of continuously changing legal and regulatory requirements in the German smart metering sector, ConVista actively supports its customers. We have built our solutions consulting services on best practice model processes and successful smart meter implementation projects and this allows us to provide consulting teams with a wealth of expertise.

With many years of international experience, our smart meeting team supports a variety of customers from the entire energy market. We can help in the identification of operational errors and support the business when drawing up the specifications. We consider smart metering business transformations include implementing in MDUS or non-MDUS-compliant systems. Our customer testimonials in the automation of E2E processes e.g. Installation-to Run and Meter-to-Cash and the integration of event management in the process of malfunction troubleshooting and maintenance or loading profiles based upon the determined meter readings for all the quarters hours into the billing and accounting processes, ConVista supports you all the way.

  • Business transformation for smart metering systems
  • System architecture and process consulting for Smart Meter Gateway Administrator
  • System architecture and process consulting for transforming smart grids
  • Implementation and rollout of smart meters
  • Process monitoring with the ConVista Dashboard
  • Maintenance of virtual power plants
  • Implementation and integration of the MDUS adapter

Andreas Muster

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